Hixson Transmission - Chattanooga, Tennessee
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About Hixson Transmission
Can you tell me how much it will cost to “fix” my car?
No, we can’t.  Not without looking at your car and doing a full diagnostic.  And we can’t tell you an approximate cost either.  You want to know exactly what your car needs, not the “average” car.  Once we determine what’s wrong with your car, we will give you a detailed estimate of the charges.  We will not start the work until you give us the authority to do so.

Why does the steering wheel shake when I apply the brakes?
The most common reason is the brake rotors have become warped due to excessive heat, or they have become too thin to dissipate heat.

Should I drive my car if the “Service Engine Soon” light is on?
The service engine soon light lets you know that the computer has detected a problem in the system.  Your car will not pass Tennessee emissions if it is on, bring it to us and let us check it out.

My car vibrates at high driving speeds.  Do I need an alignment?
Your car may need an alignment, but the most common cause is a tire and wheel assembly out of balance.  We can balance your tires and have the vibrating gone in no time.

My battery light is on.  Do I need a new battery?
Not necessarily, more than likely it’s in the charging system.  It can cause battery failure if not checked soon.  Let us fix the problem before you get into a costly repair.

Should I use synthetic oil in my car?
Some manufacturers recommend synthetic oil.  The prices are higher for synthetic.  I always recommend using only what is specified in your vehicle’s owner manual.

My fan is blowing, but there is no cold air.  What’s wrong with my air conditioner?
The blower is part of the AC system, but that’s not what makes your car cool.  Let us check the AC and get you cooled down fast.


Hixson Transmission - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Listen to us on your radio!

Join Chuck Miller “Professor Overdrive” and Mike Perkins “Dr. Diesel” every Saturday morning from 8a to 9a on 102.3 WGOW FM for the Car Clinic.  Listeners call in and talk to Chuck and Mike “LIVE” on the air and ask questions about their car.  Amazingly, Chuck and Mike know exactly what is wrong with the caller’s car.  It’s fun and interactive, most of all you learn something new about cars. More >>



Hixson Transmission - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Meet Our Professionsl Staff

Hixson Transmission and Total Car Care have the best of the best technicians.  All of our technicians are ASE Master Certified and pride themselves on continued education.  They are always up to date with the latest technology for service and repair.  Each of our technicians has a tough book lap top with internet access so information is always readily available. More >>

Hixson Transmission - Chattanooga, Tennessee Hixson Transmission - Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Hixson Transmission - Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Hixson Transmission - Chattanooga, Tennessee